Our Favorite Apps for Learning Chinese

Last week we did a blog post on the top 3 online resources for learning Chinese. As promised this week we’re following up with  a post on on some of our favorite smartphone apps. Just like last time these are not comprehensive (and I’m sure many of you will have different opinions on what works best). However, we think you’ll find they are a good place to start!



Perhaps the mother of all Chinese learning resources, Pleco combines a dictionary, an e-reader, a flashcard system and more all into one little app. Pleco is available for free on the Itunes and Google Play stores, and you can select what sorts of add-ons you’d like to pay for after downloading. For more information on pricing check out the Pleco website.

Availability: iOS and Andriod



Do you dread learning Chinese characters? With this app the repetitive and monotonous practice of sitting down at your desk and writing the same character over and over is no more. Skritter provides its customers the opportunity to learn characters on their phone at their convenience.  It’s spaced repetition algorithm helps with retention and character sets for the most common textbooks are already pre-loaded. Skritter costs $14.99 a month.

Availability: iOS and Andriod

And finally, here’s a fun, interesting and insightful article on technology and Chinese learning written by Victor Mair for the UPenn affiliated linguistics blog Language Log entitled “The Future of Chinese Language Learning is Now.”

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