China Books Author Karen Ma to be Featured at Chinese Literary Festivals

Karen Ma, author of Excess Baggage, will be featured at two events this upcoming March. The first event will be at the Bookworm International Literary Festival (BLF) on March 11th. Karen will be joined by American journalist and LA Times Beijing bureau chief Barbara Demick as she talks about Excess Baggage, her debut novel. Tickets are 65 RMB.

Then on March 14th Karen will travel to Shanghai, where she will be featured at the Shanghai International Literary Festival 2014.  Hosted by restaurant M on the Bund and called “Countries of the Imagination,” Karen will discuss with fellow author Dominique Wilson the roles of China and Japan in their books. Tickets are 188 RMB.

The Bookworm International Literary Festival runs from March 7th to March 21st in Beijing and includes book-talks, discussions, workshops and performances. You can check out the fair website here for information about other events and ticket sales. The Shanghai International Literary Festival 2014 will be held in Shanghai from March 5th to March 21st. For more information you can go to M on the Bund’s website here.

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