Check out our under $5 titles in the bargain bin!

Check out our under $5 titles in the bargain bin!

For anyone interested in Chinese cinema we’ve got Once Upon A Time in China ($4.98), a book on modern Chinese cinema stars like Jackie Chan and Ang Lee (not to be confused with the movie), as well as a biography of Jet Li.

In terms of academic works, we’ve sell Frank Dikotter’s Crime, Punishment and the Prison in Modern China ($4.98), as well as an academic study on H.B. Morse by John King Farbank, Martha Henderson Collidge and Richard Smith ($3.98). Hong Kong: A Cultural History is also a deal at $4.98.

For children we offer Grandfather Tang’s Story  ($4.98), Little Pear and His Friend ($3.98) and the Magical Life of Long Tack Sam ($3.98).

And finally we sell works of fiction like Amy Tan’s The Kitchen God’s Wife ($3.98) and Village Stone ($3.98) by Xiaolu Guo.

You can check out the rest of the bargain bin here.

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