3 Online Resources for Learning Chinese

For students studying Chinese finding the best online resources can often be difficult. In an attempt to make things a little bit easier, the China Books blog team has collected three of our favorite Chinese language learning sites. While not comprehensive, we hope that these links will at least get you started on your journey to fluency!

Chinese Grammar Wiki

Maintained by AllSet Learning’s John Pasden, Chinese Grammar Wiki is a veritable treasure trove of (highly organized) information on Chinese grammar.  Entries are divided into beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced levels, each with an explanation and examples galore that are constantly being edited and refined. Example:

Example: The 把 (bǎ) structure  

The Chinese Grammar Wiki’s explanation of the 把 (bǎ) structure is a prefect example of the value this site delivers. The page not only explains the grammar point, but also how to use it in sentences and pair it with verbs.

Hacking Chinese

About: While Chinese Grammar Wiki delivers great value in terms of learning sentence structures, for strategizing about how to get fluent in Mandarin many students rely on the sage advice of linguist Olle Linge and his wonderful site Hacking Chinese. The core service of Hacking Chinese is the amazing archive of articles Olle has written and collected over the years. These touch on topics as varied as Chinese character handwriting to learning Chinese through music. For students who lack opportunities to interact with native speakers on a regular basis, Olle’s site is especially helpful in coming up with creative ways to mastering a difficult language.

Example: A Learner’s Guide to TV Shows in Chinese

This article does a great job of introducing the often intimidating task of learning Chinese via the television to Chinese language learners of all levels. Not only does Olle lay out for the reader the rationale for watching Chinese television shows, he also delves into what shows are suited best for what level learners and even provides suggestions for what specific shows to watch.

Chinese Language Stack Exchange

About: Now that we’ve got you covered on the grammar and strategy fronts, it’s time to get into free Chinese language instruction. Chinese Language Stack Exchange is a great way to discuss the Chinese language with fellow language learners, professors and Chinese language experts. You can ask questions, get feedback and search through an already impressive databank of information.

Example: “Why is 有 (yǒu) the only verb that requires 没 while other verbs can use 不?”

That’s a tricky question that might take some time to answer if you were relying on a grammar book or a simple google search. However, Chinese Language Stack Exchange collects a number of intelligent and useful answers to that question all in one place.

We hope these resources help! Next week we’ll have a post on our three favorite apps for learning Chinese. Stay tuned!

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