10 Reasons to sign up for Tom Galey’s Seminar


10 Reasons to sign up for Tom Galey’s Seminar

1.     It’s tax time, the economy stinks, you’re tired of stressing over money and want a new, exciting job.

2.     Maybe you feel like doing business internationally will be really complicated.  You want to change things up, but also want practical advice from someone that will make you cash.

3.     Tom Galey is just that someone. Give him an hour of your time and he will introduce you to an entirely new type of career.

4.     Tom has set up hundreds of businesses and pioneered sourcing operations for multinational corporations. He’s got the smarts to help you start your business and the success to prove he can do it.

5.     Tom delves into the nitty-gritty. He is going to explain factory payments and shipping options. He is going to tell you how you can make good, quality products for cheap prices.

6.     In an increasingly competitive workforce you need a way to cut through the clutter. Even if you don’t end up opening your own company, understanding how China works could be the difference between you getting your next job… or not.

7.     This isn’t some hokey get-rich strategy. Almost 700,000 Westerners already live in China and millions more do business with Chinese counterparts every day. You can too!

8.     It’s predicted that within a decade China’s economy will be bigger than the United States’.  Last year commerce site Alibaba did more than $5.75 billion dollars of sales on the Chinese version of Black Friday. That’s $5.75 billion in one day.

9.     Total US trade with China was $539 billion in 2011. That number gets bigger every year.

10.  Go back to Reason #8 and #9 and look at those numbers again. With the right coaching and skill-set you some of that can be yours too.  All you have to do is sign up here.

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